Dec 21, 2012

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Visualizing browser market share

The Celestial Web

The space metaphor has been used a lot in various contexts and it usually works well.  Outer space has some nice characteristics like majesty and tranquility and is usually imagined as a blanket carrying various celestial bodies, harmoniously circling each other like clockwork.

For this project, orbiting planets are used to visualize browser market share.  Browsers are coded as planets.  Each country is coded as a moon that orbits around the browser that has the majority market share in that country.  Moving back and forth through time, one can see the differences in majority market share for different browsers.  Press ‘f’ and begin typing and you’ll be able to follow the shifts in majority market share for your chosen country.  Press ‘j’ and enter a date and you’ll be able to jump to ab arbitrary date.  The page dynamically changes size to fit the browser window, though one can also zoom in and out using the controls to the right.  Turn on the audio to be reminded of the track from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos!

The visualization is coded using SVG, JavaScript and CSS and animated using SMIL, which means it only works in newer browsers and not yet in mobile ones.

Here’s the link to the project.  Enjoy!

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