Jul 22, 2012

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Inspirational People, week 5

Week 5 has been almost quiet and relaxing, having July 4th fall in the middle of the week has given a lot a good chance to take off for a week long holiday, but that doesn’t work from being done or the creative minds from keeping creative.


Meeting with great

The past few weeks I’ve been meeting with some of the greatest designers and minds here at Nike, the WHQ is a true gem and definitely has a lot of great people and resources to benefit from. Two great people I had the privilege of meeting this week where Tinker Hatfield and Russell Stott.

Tinker is one of the first designers who was part of the Nike team, and sort of built the foundations for this company along with the small team they had back in the 80′s. He currently serves as VP of design, leading the innovation team and the “ZOO”, where all the special projects are handled as part of bigger projects for the future.

Tinker is known to be one of the best shoe designers in the industry today, having worked on the Air Force 1′s from the very start and walking throughout his journey very closely with Michael Jordan. What hits me most is that Tinker came into Nike, as an Architect, and with an Architecture background, and was asked to work on a shoe one day and this is what it lead him to. That tells me two things, that you could always end up in a different place then what you had anticipated, and find yourself great in things you never thought you’d be part of, and second, if you have a dream you would like to pursue, your degree or background never becomes a barrier that could stop you, it’s all about the passion you which would drive you through life and towards your goals.

With Tinker Hatfield, VP of Design at Nike Inc.

Another great and aspiring designer I met with this week was Russell Stott. Russell works as the Design Director for Nike Sportswear, and has been with the company for more than 10 years. Russell just has too many cool and awesome designs, for all kinds of celebrities and athletes. His settle and detailed work just amazes me, one of his latest big projects was the destroyer jackets, and looking at the level of detail and storytelling behind each jacket is just great.

I got to ask both of them lots of questions related to my thesis i’m working on as well as lots of other questions and advice, it was a real great experience.

With Russell Stott, Nike Sports Wear Design Director


The Journey for a Better World

As part of Nike Better World’s initiative for making Nike’s products more sustainable, innovative, and cautious of how it impacts the earth, they teamed up with Athlete Jason Lester to go over a journey to relay their commitment to serve the needs of athletes and the planet at the same time. Jason rand and biked over 4800 miles, 102 days, from coast to coast, making his way through the US. His passion and determination for sports and life is just amazing, check out his story in the video below:




Jason ran his final mile and lap at the World Head Quarters where other employees joiend him in support and celebration for his great achievement. It was great to actually meet him in person, I had never heard about him before this journey of his, but hearing such stories and meeting such people definitely keeps us all inspired, motivated, and most importantly dedicated to what we chose to pursue, and do it the best way possible no matter what the obstacles could be.



That’s it for this week, see you next week!


  1. Hussain,
    Just finished reading all six of your blogs about your Nike internship. What a truly unique and incredible experience you are having. I really appreciated you breaking down the lessons you learned from the activities of each week. The highlights for me were the lessons from the Medici Effect and the video you posted with it, Vonnegut’s video about story telling, the TED talk about story telling and then overall hearing about how Nike works to keep their designers, even their intern designers, inspired and motivated to innovate. Even as an Industrial Engineering major I really enjoyed soaking up all your lesson about design. It’s like what Frans Johansson said, learning more about the design culture could help me with forming ideas in mine. This summer I interned at GE and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about yours via email. If you wouldn’t mind doing so just shoot me an email when you get the chance.


  2. nicolas alves says:

    Your posts over the past few weeks have been inspirational,entertaining and educational. For years, I have been interested in a Nike internship. Walking through the process with your posts has been helpful to me. I can see it takes true dedication to achieve this amazing opportunity. I wish you well on your journey toward Nike employment. Keep up the good posts!

  3. Hussain,

    Wow! What an incredible blog – your intern application was inspiring! Like several others who have commented, I was wondering if you would be willing to answer some specific questions of mine via email.

    Thank you for taking time to blog your experience! I have learned so much. Best of luck at Nike!

  4. Mr Hussain,

    I have read all your weekly blogs about your Nike Internship and I think it is truly awesome. I am so intruiged by the lessons they teach you and that designing isn’t only about the drawings or ideas but the motives, stories and cultures behind them. I was especially interested in your package that you sent of to Nike for them to decide wether you could or couldn’t join their internship team. Where do you get your inspiration from? Could Nike hire you from your internship?
    Keep doing what your doing and congrats man, you are a role model!
    Thanks Good luck on your project

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